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When to Consider Replacing Your Heater in Australia

Many of us tend to put up with old, inefficient appliances for longer than we should. When it comes to heaters, knowing when to replace your appliance can often be a matter of safety as well as ballooning running costs and other issues. 

At GJ Bradding, we’re the specialists in replacement heaters Geelong & Ballarat homeowners and businesses can count on reliable services. Not sure if it’s time to replace your heater? Below, we look at a few signs you’re due for an upgrade.

Increasing Energy Bill Costs

While rising energy bills can be related to price alterations by energy companies, other times it can be due to poor efficiency of your home appliances. If you’re noticing some unexplained increases in your energy bills when heating Geelong & Ballarat homeowners may need to consider that their inefficient heater may be to blame. 

Strange Sounds

If you start to notice your heating system making new sounds, such as rattling, banging or squeaking, it can be a sign of trouble. Once again, the root cause will determine whether it’s a repair job or worth a replacement.

Gas Leaks or Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Leaks are a serious concern with any gas heater. Symptoms like nausea, headaches and dizziness and headaches can be a sign of carbon monoxide poisoning. Leaks in old or broken heaters can be a serious health risk and may be an indication that it's time to upgrade.

Old Heater

Innovations in heating and cooling systems are ongoing and compounding. If you’ve got a heater from 10 years ago or more, you’ve got a device that’s far below the current energy efficiency ratings. Geelong & Ballarat homeowners could be saving thousands a year on their energy bills with modern replacement heaters.

Frequent Repairs and Maintenance

If you frequently require repairs and maintenance to keep your heater running safely and effectively, it may be better to simply upgrade. After a while, internal parts of heaters simply reach the end of their lifespan and a new system is the best solution. 

Call the Experts in Replacement Heaters Ballarat & Geelong Trusts

Get in touch with the experts at G.J. Bradding today for quality heating options in Geelong, Ballarat and Melbourne. We’re the experts in replacement heaters Ballarat customers and clientele across Australia can rely on for honest assessments and quality installations. Call 1300 550 901 or contact us online. 


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