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The Geoflo Hybrid: Your Solution to Heating and Cooling Ballarat

GJ Bradding is Australiaʼs leading expert in green energy, and we are proud to offer the Rinnai GeoFlo Hybrid to revolutionise the way you heat and cool your home. 

We are excited to announce the release of our latest product, the all new Rinnai Geoflo Hybrid. This product offers a comprehensive and highly efficient heating and cooling Ballarat solution for your home. Additionally, it uses excess energy generation to act as a hot water system as well. Harnessing geothermal renewable energy, this unit is extremely effective in heating and cooling your home. Furthermore, by using geothermal energy, it will significantly reduce your energy costs by up to 50%.

Renewable Cooling and Heating Geelong

Geothermal technology taps into consistent and stable temperatures that are found deep underground. By utilizing high pressures found underground, the refrigerant component is able to be heated or cooled, depending on the requirements of your home. With Rinnai’s latest state of the art technology, any excess energy that is not used in the heating or cooling of your home, is used to power a highly efficient water heating unit. This means that you are essentially getting a water heater for free, as part of this unit! The Geoflo Hybrid will save you money on your electricity bills over time, as well as save energy, which makes a positive impact on the environment. 


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At GJ Bradding, we offer the most comprehensive air conditioning Geelong has to offer, as well as the best solutions for heating Geelong has available. Looking for the best air conditioning Ballarat or Bacchus Marsh has to offer? Don’t worry, we service those areas too! With years of experience in the industry, our expert team can help you get your home to the most ideal temperatures, in both the cold winters and the hot summers Australia is known for.

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