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Keeping Warm in the Winter Months

When customers are looking to purchase a new heating system they typically take into account two main factors: winter comfort and energy efficiency (running costs) These two factors ultimately lead to the choice of a gas-ducted heating system. With the convenience of a simple button, gas-ducted heating in Ballarat offers an affordable solution to effectively warm an entire home.

How Does Gas Ducted Heating Work?

G.J. Bradding Heating & Cooling technicians install a network of ducts and vents in your home, typically in the roof or floor. This network circulates gas-warmed air to every room. The initial installation cost of this system is often lower compared to other options, and it proves to be cost-effective in the long run. Additionally, the energy star rating of the system determines its energy efficiency, with higher ratings resulting in lower running costs.


Why Gas-Ducted Heating?

Whole-Home Heating, Unlike localized heating solutions, gas ducted heating can efficiently warm your entire house. The network of ducts and vents ensures consistent heating across various rooms, creating a comfortable environment throughout your living space. Gas-ducted heating provides the capability to create climate-controlled zones within your home. This feature allows you to selectively turn the heating on or off in different rooms or areas. By "switching off" the heating in unused rooms, you can effectively reduce running costs and optimize energy efficiency.  


The speed and efficiency at which your home reaches the desired temperature depend on factors such as the size of the heated spaces, the insulation quality of your house, and the climate conditions specific to your local area. These variables play a role in determining how quickly and effectively the temperature changes within your home.


Reliable and Failsafe: Gas ducted heating systems are known for their reliability. They can operate consistently regardless of external factors, ensuring uninterrupted heating during winter months.


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