Heating and Hot Water Systems in Geelong, Melbourne, Ballarat and Bacchus Marsh

Gas-Ducted Heating


Ducted heating is a centralized heating system that uses a network of ducts to distribute warm air throughout a building, providing consistent warmth and comfort. It offers efficient temperature control and the potential for combined heating and cooling capabilities.

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Gas Log Fires


Gas log fire heaters are a popular heating option that combines the beauty of a traditional fireplace with the convenience and efficiency of gas. They provide a cozy and realistic flame effect, while generating instant warmth and offering precise temperature control for a comfortable ambiance in any space.

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Hydronic Heating


Hydronic heaters are a type of central heating system that uses hot water to distribute heat throughout your house. They operate by circulating heated water through a network of pipes, radiators, or underfloor heating systems, providing efficient and comfortable warmth with customizable temperature control.

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Jarradale wood heater


Jarrahdale specialise in the manufacture and supply of quality freestanding and in-built wood heaters. They provide a cozy and rustic ambiance while efficiently producing warmth, making them a popular choice for heating homes and spaces with the natural beauty and renewable energy of wood.

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reverse cycle Split systems

split systems


Split systems are versatile heating and cooling solutions. They offer individual temperature control for different zones or rooms, making them ideal for spaces without ductwork and providing energy-efficient heating and cooling options.

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