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Reverse Cycle Split Systems


Evaporative Cooling


A Magic Combo: Air and Water

We all know how good it feels on a breezy summer day to have cool water misted on you. That feeling of pure relief is scientifically referred to as evaporative cooling. At G.J. Bradding Heating & Cooling, we mimic the feeling of evaporative cooling in your home as an air conditioning system. Evaporative cooling is a cost-effective way to transform your home into a place of respite in the midst of a scorching Aussie summer.


How Does It Work?

Evaporative cooling circulates fresh, clean air throughout your home, pushing out hot, stale air through open doors and windows. In essence, it’s a result of water evaporating and energy being lost from the air. It uses a pump to circulate water from a reservoir onto a cooling pad; the pad, as a result of this circulation, becomes wet. A fan then draws air from outside the unit through the moistened pad. As it passes through the pad, evaporation cools the air. For an evaporative air conditioner to work, its cooling pads need to be completely soaked through. Evaporative air conditioning is the perfect solution for allergy and asthma sufferers since it is gentle on the eyes and skin. It’s 100% natural, good for the environment, and has low installation as well as running costs.


Multi-Head Split Systems

Year-Round Comfort

Multi-head split system air conditioning offers the comfort of a multi-room home cooling system without the need for in-roof ducting. Like single split systems, multi-head split systems can almost immediately cool a space at the click of a button. However, unlike their single counterparts, multi-head units offer climate control for up to five rooms at the same time. This is achieved by one outdoor unit connecting to multiple indoor units.


What Are the Benefits?

These units offer both heating and cooling settings. There is a separate unit in each room requiring climate control. Although they are all connected to a single outdoor unit, they each have their own remote control, allowing you to vary temperatures from room to room. Multi-head split heating and cooling systems are also outfitted with timers.

Offering crisp, refrigerated air, multi-head split systems immediately circulate cool air without creating condensation. The cool air is recycled to ensure your ideal temperature is maintained. Unlike single split system units, multi-head split systems are built to heat or cool five rooms at a time. They allow you to control each room’s climate with varying temperatures. If a room does not need to be heated or cooled, that room’s individual unit can be switched off. As a result, you get the luxury of choice which ultimately saves you running costs.

Multi-head split systems are easy to operate with a remote control. Very little modification to your home is required to install a multi-head split system. Installation costs are low when compared with other systems. Many multi-head split system models purify the air, making them an excellent option for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. Filters are easy to remove and clean, which reduces maintenance costs.

Add-On Cooling



“Add-On” Cooling to Your Home 

If you want to save money on an alternative cooling solution and you already have ducted heating, you’re already halfway to a cooler home. As the name suggests, add-on cooling, or Integrated Cooling Equipment (ICE), makes use of your existing ducted heating system. You simply need to ‘add on’ a component that will allow you to run refrigerated air through the existing ducting and outlets.


It uses the fan in your ducted heater to fill your home with refrigerated, filtered air at a fraction of the cost of a new installation. You save money on upfront costs while enjoying all the benefits that ducted cooling can offer. The add-on cooling option offers the luxury of zoned air conditioning with one device to control the home’s climate all year round.


What Do I Need?

You will need an existing ducted heating system which is compatible with the cooling system that will be installed. Not all ducts are suitable for add-ons. Therefore, you will need a G.J. Bradding technician to assess your existing system and check it for compatibility.


Why Add-On Cooling?

If you already have ducted heating, you only have to cover a minor installation cost, provided your ducts are compatible with the cooling components that will be installed. Your existing heating system combined with your brand new cooling feature offers year-round comfort. Once the installation is complete, both systems are controlled by one device, making it very easy to operate.

reverse cycle ducted systems


What is Ducted Reverse Cycle?

Ducted reverse cycle systems consist of a central unit installed in the roof which is powered by a compressor which is located outside. The indoor unit is connected via ducts to a series of outlets installed in each room that you require to be heated or cooled. The unit provides both heating and cooling. Ducted reverse cycle systems are ideal for medium size, to larger size homes or offices.


What are the Benefits?

Ducted reverse cycle systems are the most energy efficient methods of heating and cooling. They are efficient in terms of energy use, efficient in cost over time, efficient in cooling and efficient in heating, which can also save you money on your electricity bills.

Rooms can be individually zoned, which means each room can be set to a suitable temperature for the people that are using them. Rooms not in use can also be turned off which is another great money saver.
Ducted reverse cycle systems are much quieter than split system or portable air conditioning units. This is ideal on those hot or cold nights when you need your unit on while you’re sleeping.

Looking after the environment is of huge importance and ducted reverse cycle air conditioners on average only produce one third of the greenhouse gas emissions of standard electric heaters, this is another great advantage.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are very reliable and safe, as there are no pilot lights that can be blown out in the wind, and there are no risks of gas leaks or explosions, as they require no combustion to operate.

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