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What’s Great About Split System Heating and Cooling in VIC?

If you are interested in learning more about split systems in Geelong or Ballarat, then the knowledgeable staff members here at GJ Bradding are more than happy to assist you. Read on to learn more.

What Are Split Systems?

A split system air conditioner provides the convenience of a house cooling system that can be used in several rooms without the requirement of installing ductwork inside the roof. Simply pressing a button on a split system allows for virtually instantaneous cooling or heating of a room. They provide accurate temperature control, enabling you to alter the settings per the temperature that best suits you.

Features of Split Systems in Geelong

With a split system, the temperature can be modified to either hot or cold. Each room has its own unique devices for controlling the temperature and humidity. Even though they are all connected to a single outside unit, each one has its remote control, which enables you to adjust the temperature in each room independently of the others.

Timers are typically used in the design of split heating and cooling systems. These timers help improve energy efficiency and save costs. It is widely acknowledged that split systems are very energy efficient. This might lead to cheaper monthly energy expenses as well as less of an impact on the environment. Even more reason to get split systems in Ballarat or Geelong.

H2: Simply Installation and Low Maintenance

Split systems in Ballarat can be installed with few structural alterations. When compared to other systems, the cost to install this particular system is minimal. Many split system versions also filter the air, making them a good choice for people with asthma and allergies. There is less need for repairs because filters can be removed and cleaned quickly. You may get split systems in a wide variety of shapes and styles to complement your existing furnishings.

Contact the experts on split systems in Geelong today for personalised advice and guidance. We have a long and proven track record for installing split systems in Ballarat and Geelong, so call us now on 13 0055 0901.


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