Understanding Hydronic Heating

Heating Melbourne homes with hydronic systems is a tried-and-tested method that's been used successfully for decades.

This warm and natural heating solution is popular for many homeowners who want extra warmth and comfort. As technology continues to improve, this slab heating has become even more efficient in preventing heat loss and warming up homes without extreme energy consumption. 

Let’s explore hydronic heating in Melbourne, including how it works and why it’s a great option.


Efficient and Affordable Heating

If there’s one thing to remember about hydronic heating in Melbourne, it’s that this is a highly efficient, effective, and affordable form of heating Melbourne properties. Hydronic systems use water to heat homes, as water is an excellent conductor that minimises heat loss, especially when paired with insulated pipes. It costs less for hydronic systems to maintain temperature, especially with a gas boiler instead of an electric element.


Natural Combo of Water & Warmth

In addition to the impressive efficiency, hydronic heating also wins as a natural heating solution that’s safe for family homes. With a hydronic system, pipework is installed to deliver heat throughout the house and lead back to a boiler, like what’s used for household hot water heating. The boiler maintains the water temperature and the pump ensures water circulation around the pipes and into the boiler. These insulated pipes deliver heat to radiator panels in each room for slab heating through floors and walls.


Comfortable Climate Control

Speaking of efficiency and affordability, hydronic heating installation is a fantastic investment because it offers personalised climate control at an excellent price. This affordable heating solution can have different panel controls in each room, so you could set the heater temperature to 25 degrees in one room and 23 degrees in another, depending on personal preferences. If you want to avoid warm living rooms and uncomfortably cool bedrooms, individually controlled slab heating with a hydronic system is the way to go.


High-Quality Hydronic Heating in Melbourne

G.J. Bradding has been heating Melbourne homes and businesses for over 30 years. Please contact us online to enquire about hydronic heating or give us a call on 1300 550 901 to get started.


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