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Top Air Conditioning Tips for Pet Owners in Australia

For many Australians, our pets are considered part of the family and their comfort and wellbeing is of utmost importance. During summer, this can mean keeping our air conditioners on for them. Below, the team at GJ Bradding look at whether this is necessary using our experience as the experts in air conditioning in Geelong that homeowners count on for honest advice and services.

When are Pets at Risk?

Panting is the natural cooling system for both dogs and cats. When they can’t cool down properly, they can experience stress and exhaustion. The real problem is when heat mixed with humidity prevents our pets from panting effectively. Older, sick or overweight pets may be less resilient to hot weather. 

Some breeds may also be more vulnerable than others. Short-snout dog breeds, for example, are more likely to suffer from heatstroke as well as short-faced cats like Persians or exotics. Pets with shorter hair can typically tolerate higher temperatures. If your pet has long hair or a heavy coat, they are best kept at temperatures below 25°C. This makes cooling in Geelong very essential for the health of your pets and our experts can help you assess the size of the system needed for your home.

Keep Track of Indoor Temperature

If you’re deciding whether to leave on air conditioning in Geelong for your pets, you should first assess the indoor temperature of your home. With decent-quality insulation, it’s possible to maintain an indoor temperature of 22 to 25°C without air conditioning. Another way to maintain a low temperature and humidity level is by keeping curtains or blinds closed.

To help with cooling, Geelong homeowners can also look for spaces like the garage, basement or laundry for their pet to stay in during hotter days as these can be several degrees cooler than the rest of the house. Cooling pads and closing off different rooms can also help pets manage the heat better at home.

Call the Experts in Air Conditioning in Ballarat & Geelong

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