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Top 5 Health Benefits of Air Conditioning Geelong

As well as keeping your home cool, air conditioning (A/C) units have a number of positive health benefits.

As well as keeping your home cool, air conditioning (A/C) units have a number of positive health benefits. If you keep your system clean, well maintained and working effectively, you can reap a range of benefits in the future. Continue reading below to learn about the five main health benefits to using an air conditioning unit in your home, as well as how GJ Bradding can help install the best air conditioning Ballarat and Geelong have to offer.

Reduce Humidity

Humid spaces are breeding grounds for bad bacteria, mould and dust mites. A/C units keep your home dry and reduce humidity, which in turn lowers the risk of these organisms growing and thriving.

Reduce Asthma Risks

Air conditioning units remove dirty air from your home and replace it with fresh, filtered air. If your A/C unit is well maintained and regularly serviced, the filters should be clean, which means the air that is pumped into your home is also fresh. This clean air has a far lower concentration of dust and dirt, helping to lower the risk of asthma attacks.

Reduce the Risk of Dehydration

By keeping our bodies cool in the hot summer months, we inherently reduce how much we sweat. By preventing us from profusely sweating, we retain more water and lower the risk of dehydration.

Reduce Insects and Bugs

Everyone hates being woken up at night due to mosquitoes. Air conditioners reduce the volume of insects that come into your home. Generally, insects prefer warmer climates, therefore, as our bodies cool due to the A/C, we become less desirable to bugs and critters!

GJ Bradding: Heating and Cooling Ballarat for Years

Now that you’ve read these benefits and learned about the positive change that installing an A/C unit could have on your health, call the expert installation team at GJ Bradding. We offer the best solutions for cooling Geelong and Ballarat homes, with an extensive range of A/C units to choose from.

For top quality advice on heating and cooling Ballarat and Geelong wide, get in touch online, or give our friendly team a call today on 1300 550 901.


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