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The Benefits of Getting Hydronic Heating in Australia

Considering hydronic heating for your home? Explore the benefits with the team at GJ Bradding below. After all, we are the experts in hydronic heating Geelong homeowners have relied on since 1989 for quality heating and cooling solutions.

Efficient and Reliable

Using pipes to circulate hot water around your home, hydronic heating is incredibly efficient and reliable. You can zone different areas to reduce wastage. Meanwhile, the system itself uses very little energy to heat your home.

Reduce Allergens

While other heating solutions can house and spread dust, pollen, bacteria and other allergens, hydronic heating does not. This is ideal for asthma sufferers, children, pregnant women and people with allergies. However, it’s just as beneficial for anyone. By using radiant heating rather than forced air circulation or ducts, you can create a healthier, more comfortable environment by relying on radiant heat.

Greater Comfort

The radiant source of heat provided by hydronic heating also maintains a comfortable level of air moisture. Other heating solutions can dry out the air, and create uncomfortable hot spots. Hydronic heating makes it simple to enjoy an even, constant temperature throughout your whole home.

Invisible and Silent Operation

Don’t like the humming sounds of split systems and ducted heating? Hydronic heating operates silently, making it an elegant solution for anyone looking to reduce ambient noise from appliances in their home. Perfect for those looking for an invisible heating installation, with hydronic heating Geelong homeowners can enjoy the heater being out of sight and not audible.


Hydronic Heating is a more natural heating alternative free of toxic refrigerants and carbon monoxide fumes. Instead, it utilises water and natural gas to heat pipes, reducing energy use by up to 70% compared to other systems such as electricity-dependent split cycle systems. The system is sealed, meaning there are minimal emissions.

Call the Experts in Hydronic Heating in Ballarat & Geelong

Contact the experts at G.J. Bradding today for quality hydronic heating in Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne. We proudly supply, install and maintain some of the best heating and cooling solutions, including hydronic heating. Call 1300 550 901 or get in touch online


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