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The Benefits of Gas Log Fires for Heating in Australia

Gas log fires offer a versatile and effective way of warming your home while bringing with it a particular charm and unique aesthetic. At GJ Bradding, we’re the specialists in gas heating Geelong homeowners can rely on for quality advice.

Looks Great

Gas log fires in Geelong offer homeowners to bring a unique aesthetic appeal to their living spaces and being able to choose from a wide range of designs from classic to contemporary. You can find realistic-looking ceramic logs, stones, rocks, coal or quartz along with a wide range of different size systems. The flames inside the gas heater can be real or simulated. Gas log fires come in various finishes and can be installed new or retrofitted into an existing fireplace. 

Better Air Quality

If you’ve got a traditional open wood fireplace, some smoke is going to get into the room. In addition, odours from the fireplace can end up in your clothes, furniture and curtains. Wood fires also release methane and other toxic by-products into the air, impacting the indoor air quality. Modern gas log fires, on the other hand, have zero emissions. Direct vents for the incoming combustion and a flue take the combustion gas outside your home straight away.


Gas log fires in Geelong & Ballarat help homeowners enjoy all the benefits of wood-burning heating without the hard work. Traditional wood fireplaces may look beautiful, but they can be unnecessarily expensive and tedious to use. You have to find, chop and store the wood while stressing about cleaning soot from the fireplace and chimney. Homeowners can do away with all that hassle by using gas log fires in Geelong. 


Gas log fires are exceptionally reliable and trustworthy. You never have to worry about running out of wood by providing a continuous flow of natural gas to your log fire heater. Enjoy consistent heat while benefiting from the aesthetics of a traditional log fire while doing away with the maintenance requirements.

Specialists in Gas Log Fires in Geelong & Ballarat 

Homeowners can rely on G.J. Bradding for quality gas heating in Geelong, Ballarat and Melbourne. Get in touch with our experts today by calling 1300 550 901 or contact us online. 


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