Opting for A Split System Air Conditioner

With so many choices for air conditioning in Melbourne, how do you know which style to choose? Here at G.J. Bradding, we highly recommend split system heating and cooling, and here’s why.


Simple Split System Installation in Melbourne

A new split system air conditioner offers exciting benefits, including fast installation and straightforward maintenance. If you want new air conditioning in Melbourne that can be installed in any residential or commercial property, then versatile, long-lasting split system heating and cooling is the way to go. You could have a brand new, highly efficient air conditioner in as little as one day.


Impressive Temperature Control

Opting for split system installation in Melbourne means you can look forward to excellent climate control, not just for apartments and single-family homes, but also for offices and other commercial spaces. Split systems don’t need ductwork, so they can be set to different temperature settings with multiple zones throughout the space.


Efficient Heating and Cooling

Another advantage of split system installation in Melbourne is the energy efficiency. If you’re looking to save heating and cooling costs with a new AC unit, you can’t go wrong with a highly-rated split system. Unlike central air conditioning, split systems don’t require ducts, and you can use them for cooling different living and office spaces. It’s perfect for effective cooling when families and workplaces have varying temperature preferences. If you like to keep the room cooler and others want it warmer, split system air conditioners are an excellent choice.


Clean Residential & Commercial Air

Last but not least, something else to love about split system units is the terrific air quality for residential and commercial properties. You get cleaner, safer air with split systems that disperse cigarette smoke, pet smells, and cooking odours. Split systems are also recommended for people with asthma as they keep the air healthy by minimising pollutants like dust and pollen.


Best Split System Air Conditioning In Melbourne

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