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Looking to Upgrade or Replace Your Gas Boiler Heating System?

Gas boiler heating systems offer a reliable and effective solution for heating your home during the cold winter months

Gas boiler heating systems offer a reliable and effective solution for heating your home during the cold winter months. Gas boilers are a relatively old heating system and have been available for Australian homeowners for decades. Although they are popular and common, when not maintained well, gas boilers can become inefficient and expensive to operate. In this article, GJ Bradding will explore the benefits of replacing your gas boiler system with a new and updated one, as well as discuss how our team can help.

New Gas Boilers: Replacement Heaters Geelong

Old gas boilers can not only be ineffective, inefficient, and expensive to run, they can also be dangerous. Gas boilers incorporate high pressure to generate and transport heat around the home. With any high-pressure system, it must be looked after properly, to avoid potentially harmful accidents. Replacing your old gas boiler system with a new one will allow you to avoid these instances. Furthermore, it will reduce your electricity bills and heat your home more effectively and efficiently.

Hydronic Heating Geelong and Geothermal Heating and Cooling Geelong

Another option to explore when replacing your gas boiler is to choose a completely different heating solution. At GJ Bradding, we stock the best range of hydronic heating Geelong has to offer, as well as some of the best geothermal heating and cooling Geelong has on the market. These heating solutions are more effective, cheaper, safer, and better for the environment than gas boiler systems. 

GJ Bradding: Trusted Heating Geelong

At GJ Bradding Heating & Cooling, we offer the most reliable and trusted solutions for heating Geelong and Ballarat have to offer. For years, our experienced team have worked tirelessly with the people of the Geelong and Ballarat, to install and maintain high quality heating and cooling systems. We are proud to continue working in this community, making people’s homes warmer in the winter months, and cooler in the summer months.


For the best replacement heaters Geelong has available, reach out to our team online or call us today on 1300 550 90.


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