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In Depth Guide #4: Fujitsu Air Conditioning Ballarat

Fujitsu General has become one of Australia’s most trusted and popular producers of air conditioning units in the last few decades.

Fujitsu General has become one of Australia’s most trusted and popular producers of air conditioning units in the last few decades. With their commitment to making quality products at affordable prices, Fujitsu have built a reputation for making energy efficient, cost effective, and reliable models. They specialise in residential units, however, have more recently expanded into the commercial market. In this article, GJ Bradding gives you a run down on Fujitsu air conditioners, what types of systems they produce, and why they are such a popular brand. We also discuss how we offer the best air conditioning installation Geelong has to offer, and how we can help you with your own Fujitsu system.

Air Conditioning Geelong: The Fujitsu Range

Fujitsu manufacture and offer an extensive range of cooling systems to suit a variety of different Australian homes and businesses. Their ductless split systems are perfect for family homes, while their central air conditioning systems are ideal for large office spaces. They also make quality ducted systems that have become increasingly popular on the east coast of Australia, due to their efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Cooling Geelong: Fujitsu Features

As we move further into the age of technology, air conditioning companies must keep up with the demand for smart systems. Fujitsu have been at the forefront of this, creating air conditioners that integrate seamlessly with systems such as Google Assist and Alexa. With these new voice activation technologies, cooling and heating your home is easier than ever before! For more smart ways on cooling Geelong homes, get in touch with the team at GJ Bradding.

Air Conditioning Ballarat: Fujitsu Prices

Fujitsu General have always tried to maintain affordable prices for all their cooling systems. The cost varies depending on the size and model that you require but their average prices are mid-range. The most expensive part of purchasing a Fujitsu unit is the installation. Luckily, the team at GJ Bradding Heating & Cooling offers some of the best prices for air conditioning installation Geelong has to offer.


To learn more about air conditioning installation Geelong, contact our team online or call us today on 1300 550 90.


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