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How Often Should You Replace an Air Conditioner Filter?

Here, we explain how often you should replace the filter in your air conditioning system.

G.J. Bradding has been cooling Geelong, Ballarat, Bacchus Marsh and Melbourne for four decades. That’s why we’re confident we’re the best to help you with air conditioning installation and repairs. Here, we explain how often you should replace the filter in your air conditioning system.

Looking After Your Air Conditioning Geelong

Air conditioners are no different to other machines: maintenance is key to their ability to function optimally. It is perhaps even more important than elsewhere because ensuring your system is in good condition will help to reduce the negative impact on cost as well as the environment.

The simplest way to help your air conditioner to work properly is by changing its filter. This is something you can usually do yourself. All you need to do is vacuum the filter to remove excess dust before washing it either with soapy water and a brush or a simple hose down. Wait for it to dry, place it back in the unit and you’re done!

Split Cycle and Evaporative Cooling Geelong

How often you should replace the filters in your split cycle or evaporative cooling unit will depend on how much the unit is used. If you have cleaned your filters but they still don’t look in ideal condition, it might be time to replace them. Even if you don’t physically inspect them regularly there are other tell-tale signs.

Signs that your air conditioner filter needs replacing include:

  • Reduced efficiency
    If your system takes longer than usual to reach your desired temperature, it could signal that the filters are clogged.
  • Higher costs
    Higher energy bills could be an indicator of obstructions in your filter.
  • Experiencing allergic reactions
    Anybody with asthma or prone to allergies will probably experience a heightened allergic reaction if your filter isn’t working properly.
  • Smell
    A bad odour from your air conditioner is a sign that mould has built up. This is a definite sign your filter needs to be replaced.

Air Conditioning Repairs Geelong

There are occasions on which cleaning or replacing your filter isn’t enough to keep your air conditioning unit running in prime condition. If you find your system is in need of repairs, get in touch with G.J. Bradding for expert air conditioning repairs in Geelong, Ballarat, Bacchus Marsh and Melbourne. We have 40 years of experience in supplying and installing air conditioning in residential and commercial buildings in Victoria.


Looking for advice on air conditioning installation Geelong or Ballarat? Call G.J. Bradding today on 1300 550 901 to make sure you stay cool this summer.


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