Condenser unit or compressor outside home or residential building. Unit of central air conditioner (AC) or heating ventilation air conditioning system (HVAC). Electric fan and refrigerant pump inside.

Evaporative Cooling Versus Split Systems in Geelong

Here, G.J. Bradding looks at the pros and cons of both evaporative cooling and split systems to help you make the choice that best suits your needs.

When considering the different options in cooling Geelong and Ballarat, it can be difficult to know which choice to make. Here, G.J. Bradding looks at the pros and cons of both evaporative cooling and split systems to help you make the choice that best suits your needs. We are the leading authority on air conditioning in Ballarat and Geelong and have been providing services to the area for 40 years.

Air Conditioning Ballarat and Geelong

As the name suggests, evaporative cooling relies upon water evaporating and energy being taken from the air. A pump circulates water from a reservoir to a cooling pad. A fan then draws outside air through the pad, evaporating moisture and cooling the air. This fresh air is then circulated through the home or commercial space, pushing stale air out at the same time.

Pros of evaporative cooling include:

  • low running costs
  • simple installation
  • constant supply of fresh air throughout the whole home or commercial space
  • the ideal choice for those prone to allergic reactions

Cons of evaporative cooling include:

  • limited temperature control
  • higher water usage
  • doesn’t perform as well in humid environments

Split Systems Ballarat and Geelong

Split systems are made up of indoor and outdoor components. Essentially, a wall-mounted unit on the inside of the room blows conditioned cool air inside while the outdoor unit expels warm air. Refrigerant is constantly cycled between cool gas and warm liquid, allowing the system to cool the air it takes in and then send the air back into the room.

Pros of using split systems in Ballarat and Geelong include:

  • generally cheaper than central air
  • washable filters are easy to maintain
  • installation can be completed quickly
  • you can choose to target only one room
  • reverse cycle split systems can also heat during cooler months

Cons of split systems include:

  • it is limited to only one room
  • while the inside unit is quiet, the outside unit may cause excess noise if not positioned correctly
  • provides recycled air rather than fresh air

Heating and Cooling Geelong and Ballarat

There are many considerations when assessing heating and cooling needs for your unique home or commercial space. G.J. Bradding recommends that you get in touch for professional assistance weighing up the merits of evaporative cooling and split system air conditioning. That way you can guarantee you’re making the right choice for your needs.


Are you considering the merits of split system air conditioning vs evaporative cooling Geelong or Ballarat? Call G.J. Bradding today on 1300 550 901.


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