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Efficiency, Performance and Cost of Ducted Heating

If you are considering ducted heating in Geelong or Ballarat, then it is a good idea to compare its cost, efficiency and performance with other available systems. Read on for a quick guide to the features and benefits of ducted heating in Ballarat and Geelong, and how you can make an informed decision about whether it is right for you.

Performance: Whole Home Heating

When you choose gas ducted heating in Ballarat, you will get a solution that, unlike spot heating, can effectively warm the entire house. You can feel comfortable all across your home thanks to the system of ducts and vents that distribute heat evenly.

Efficiency and Cost

With gas-ducted heating in Geelong, you can also divide your home into climate-controlled rooms. You can control the heating in individual rooms or zones using this function. Saving money and maximising efficiency is as simple as "switching off" the heater in empty rooms, making ducted heating more efficient and cost-effective than other systems. With greater control, you can use only the energy you need to heat your home, and not go overboard.


With ducted heating in Ballarat, your installation team constructs a system of ducts and vents throughout your house, most of which will be located in the ceiling or the floor. This network sends air that has been warmed by gas to every room. This system often has a lower cost of initial installation compared to other available solutions and it ends up being more cost-effective throughout its lifetime. In addition, the system's energy efficiency is determined by its energy star rating; systems with higher ratings have greater energy efficiency and hence lower operating expenses, so it is worth investing in a system with a high star rating.

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