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A Handy Guide to Evaporative Cooling System Maintenance, VIC

Your evaporative cooling system will provide you with many years of excellent service if you can maintain it properly. At GJ Bradding, we have years of experience in the supply, installation and maintenance of evaporative cooling in Geelong so you can trust our advice when it comes to system maintenance.

By forcing hot, stuffy air out of your house through open doors and windows, evaporative cooling distributes fresh, clean air throughout the space. It employs a pump to move water from a reservoir onto a cooling pad, which causes the pad to get wet. Air is then funnelled into the device from outside using a fan. Evaporation cools the air as it travels through the pad. For this process to continue uninterrupted, it is important that there are no obstructions within the system that could block the flow of air and the evaporation of the water.

Read on for expert guidance on keeping your system in excellent condition well into the future. 

Regular Cleaning

Evaporative cooling systems do not require too much maintenance, because their simple operating mechanism means there isn’t much to go wrong. However, regular cleaning is essential to keep them running smoothly, and at GJ Bradding we recommend you check for blockages and perform a light clean every month or so when your system is getting heavy use in the warmer months.

Filter and Pad Maintenance

Filters are used in evaporative coolers to remove dust, pollen and other allergens from the incoming air. This filtration technique aids in the improvement of indoor air quality. Your filter and pads need to stay clear in order to work properly and provide these benefits consistently, so it’s important to check these regularly and clear any obstructions when you see them.  

Evaporative Cooling in Geelong

GJ Bradding can install, maintain and repair systems for evaporative cooling in Geelong. If you find that you haven’t been able to keep up with regular maintenance, or your system is faulty despite frequent cleaning, then our team is here to help you. Contact us today for expert advice and an efficient, professional service.

Contact GJ Bradding today for more information about evaporative cooling in Geelong. Just call 13 0055 0901.


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