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Keeping You Warm in the Cold Months

Split Systems & More in Geelong

Gas-Ducted Heating

Heated air is distributed through your home through ducts, usually located in the roof or floor. Gas heating is cost effective, especially for large spaces. The higher the energy ‘star’ rating of the unit, the cheaper it is to run. We offer units rated from 2.8 to 5.8 stars. 
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Gas Log Fires

Gas log fires are inexpensive to run and are a stunning centrepiece to any room. They can replace older space heaters and look stylish whilst providing a warm ambience. 
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Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating brings warmth into your home in a comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient way. We supply highly efficient heating and water heating technology that will help lower your gas bills, save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. 
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Ducted Refrigerated Heat

Add-on cooling, or Integrated Cooling Equipment (ICE), is refrigerated cooling that’s connected to your heating system. ICE gives you total climate control all year. It uses the fan on your ducted heater to deliver cool, filtered air to every room in your home.
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Gas-Ducted Climate Control

Year-Round Comfort

Customers in the market for a new heating system usually consider two factors: year-round comfort and energy efficiency (running costs). Add environmental awareness to those qualities and you have an all-around effective gas ducted heating & cooling system. With just the press of a button, gas ducted heating allows you to affordably warm or cool your entire home while minimising your carbon footprint.

How it Works

Air that has been warmed or cooled by gas is circulated throughout your home, reaching each room through a network of ducts and vents, usually in the roof or floor. This duct network is installed by G.J. Bradding technicians. The initial installation cost is often higher than other options but is less expensive in the long run. The higher the energy star rating, the cheaper it is to run.

Why Gas-Ducted Heating & Cooling?

Gas ducted heating and cooling allows you to ‘zone’ your climate control. This means you can turn the heating or cooling on and off in different rooms. Rooms that are not in use can be ‘switched off,’ reducing running costs. Australian Gas Association research suggests that gas ducted heating and cooling produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than most other forms of temperature control.

In bitter cold snaps, reverse cycles systems’ levels of efficiency can drop as a result of the external unit being exposed to the elements. Ducted gas systems are virtually failsafe, regardless of outside elements. When you come home from a winter day, all you want is to warm up right away. Ducted gas heating offers the option of instant warmth throughout your entire home.

Ducted gas heating and cooling are easy to manage with a simple control unit and temperature device.
How quickly and how efficiently your house changes temperature depends on the area of the spaces being heated or cooled, how well the house is insulated and your local climate.

Gas Log Fires

The Magic of a Fireplace

Nothing compares to the magic of an open fire in the middle of winter. Traditional fireplaces are more dangerous, require more maintenance, and produce more ash and smoke. With our modern appliance, you can enjoy the wonder of an open fire with the convenience and reliability of gas.

The Conveinience of Gas

Gas log fires are inexpensive to run and make a charming addition to any room. With their booming popularity, more options are hitting the market, including gas log fires that resemble physical logs, freestanding gas stoves, wall mounted contained units and more.  Some gas log fires are connected to an outside vent so gases that are produced when burning can escape outside. The design emulates that of a traditional chimney.

Why Gas Log Fires?

Gas Logs are an energy efficient way to heat a room while offering the attraction of an in-home fireplace. However, unlike open fires, gas logs require little maintenance and no ashy cleanup! Whether you’re playing board games with the family, getting cosy with your other half or just enjoying that flicker of light dancing in the winter background, a warm fire can turn a house into a home. With our vast range of products to choose from, it’s easy to choose a stylish fit to match the feel of the room. 

Hydronic Heating

What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating operates by simply heating water with a boiler. The hot water is then circulated through a loop of pipes and heating outlets which deliver heat to rooms throughout the house. The most commonly used heating outlets are radiators and underfloor heating pipes. The best time to install underfloor pipes is when a house is being built or during major renovations. However, there are many modern radiators designs available that offer additional architectural or decorative impact.

Why Hydronic Systems?

Hydronic heating systems are ideal if you are looking for a natural way to distribute heat. They produce both radiated and converted heat. This method is nearly silent whilst also heating the space naturally. By choosing this system, you can avoid the airborne distribution of particles that are commonly associated with gas ducted heating systems.

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